giving a second life to lace

So it all started, when I visited a friend and saw this beautiful necklace made out of lace. It was in a gallery in Holland, MI and rightfully so. It was a beautiful work of art. Ever since, different ideas have been percolating on how to give lace a new life in other ways.

It's such a delicate material to work with. There are so many different patterns making each one you come across so unique. When I have a house of my own I want to display them more like my grandmother does.

This past Sunday, my ideas actually were brought to be by a vendor at a flea market in Brooklyn. It was a sweet old lady and her husband. I'm sure she had been a costume designer in the past. I like knowing where items like this are from. Each thing we buy has such a history when it's not bought in stores, but in places like this. Anyway, I will later post about this beautiful place, but for now this is what I saw. 3 dollars a yard. Eh maybe a bit pricey if you have a lot of sewing to do. But for me, perfect.

I bought three different patterns...and more soon I'm sure
The only supplies I need are a tiny travel sewing kit, (I'm going to have to upgrade soon. I left so much back at home!) the lace, scissors, & unwanted sports headbands (I seem to have so many just laying around) or any other ones you would like to use.
I chose a simple pattern.
A more ornate...
And a large banned lace.
For the first headband, I just measured the desired amount on my own head and then cut and sewed it together. You can choose colors that might blend in to the lace or I chose a quiet blue color to accent. Most of them it won't be seen if you just wear the overlapping part in the back. But it's up to you! (Normally it would depend on how much sewing practice you have!)
For the second, I separated the pattern thus creating a new image.
As you can see, the sewing doesn't have to be perfect!
For the third, I wanted to use the lace as is because it is so beautiful, but I wanted to add color as well as a little more support, so I found a thinner sports headband that fit perfectly in the space as seen above and just sewed about every couple inches down the line with a matching red thread. Too much color and variety would fight against the simplicity of the design. (You could also try super glue, but it would be more noticeable and wouldn't last as long!) For this method, you might have to cut the headband and then bobby pin in hair. If you're using a headband that is normally stretchy, it will no longer be once the lace is sewn. (see picture of final below)
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3

The whole process of making all three took no time at all. Just a playlist of your favorite music, a cup of tea and an inspired mind to put together your findings. Look around...lace is everywhere in vintage stores, flea markets, thrift stores. You don't even have to use lace that is older, you can buy it newer of course! I just like to find pieces that have more of past.

I hope you enjoyed this simply elegant look...happy Monday!



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