A peek into the intern life

I came to NY to work for free.


Because knowing people in the business means everything. Talent and knowledge are obviously important, but I've learned that names get you in the door. I keep hearing story after story of various people explaining how they've gotten to where they are now and it sounds a lot like "Well I had a friend who had an aunt who worked here, who had been college roommates with this person who was a student of.." and it goes on and on and on. It's really all about the journey. No one lands a huge project fresh out of school. I will work for free. I'll work really hard. Because I know someday they'll be able to help me out.... and thus the cycle continues.

Since I flew into NY having 0 connections...my number has now moved up to 3!

1. First person, well group really, is all of the advisors and fine people of the New York Arts Program. (http://nyartsprogram.owu.edu/) You should check it out, if you're at all interested in living in NY while still in school!


I have met and live with so many different college students who are in a variety of different majors, but all under the arts umbrella. I know we'll stay friends for a long time and their interests and talents are definitely rubbing off on me.

The next person on the list actually designed the logo, web site, and all other branding of our program!

2. PS NY (http://www.insideps.com/) - PS NY is a graphic design company based out of New York and LA. I work for Penny and Liz three times a week and I am soaking in every second of it! Here is a sampling of some of the project's they've worked on.






3. BOMB Magazine - Look for it in book stores or of course online! (http://bombsite.com/) It's an arts publication that is produced 4 times a year. The pages are filled mostly with interviews of artists, by artists. I work for Paul, two times a week as a design intern. I'm working on various advertising projects (postcards, posters, helping out at events, etc) as well as an individual project I've created, which is a small book showcasing ads starting with their very first issue, 30 years ago. (Watch out for more to come of my project in future posts!)




It's inspiring to be in the busy magazine office in Brooklyn, but I also love the fast paced graphic design studio, where I feel as though I am constantly being challenged and forced into thinking conceptually about what I'm doing, not just blindly putting photos and texts together. They are both completely different internships, one more leaning towards fine arts, the other design, but I'm taking notes and ready to step up my game when I get back to school for my senior year!

I hope these companies will provide you with some much needed inspiration!



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