You should really diy

I went into this bakery a couple of years ago and saw one of the workers in the back wearing this adorable headband. My first thought was, why are you dressing up just to throw some flour around? Then I looked a little bit longer to see what materials it was made out of and realized, that's what it's meant for! After I stopped staring and making mental notes on how to make it, I stopped by the nearest Jo-Ann's and... that bag went straight to the back of my closet!

This summer though, I brought the idea back to life and finally put some pieces together...
match any of your favorite color combinations..old or new!
black, gold, silver thread? choose to let it blend in or stand out!
As you can see it's really only made out of three things..thread, buttons, and any headband that's soft enough to stick a needle through. The most durable here were just found at target.


I made several others, but gave them away to friends! ...Literally they take twenty minutes to make and they look casual enough to go to the grocery store or you could always dress them up as well.

Never mind the messy hair (trying to grow it out!)

I have so many more headband creations to share in future posts...Be creative not in what you make, but what you wear :)


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