A Craigslist Picture PT. 1

By: Ashleigh

I've already expressed my love for Craigslist here. And I can promise you there will be many more Craigslist finds in our future here at Sincerely.


This here is one of my favorite CL finds. I saw it listed for $20 and it was HUGE. I talked the very nice woman down to $12, since it was damaged in a way that it couldn't really be fully restored. But I ended up giving her more because she delivered, which was really awesome of her.

So I got it in the apartment (it was heavy!) where it sat untouched while I decided what I wanted to do with it. Transform it? Re-purpose it? Use it as is?  Finally, I decided that I wanted to do something with just the frame.

The dismantling began:




After pulling out 3472384329 rusty nails (and contemplating a tetanus shot), I was ready to take a nap. Seriously. Hard work. And I just really like naps.

Anyway, after getting it apart it was in desperate need of a cleaning. It had layers of dust from sitting in a garage for a LONG time, so just wiping it off wasn't going to cut it.  I used some warm water, a little bit of dish soap and an old tooth brush to give it a gentle scrubbing.



You can really see the intricate carving in this picture. And the way it's chipping off in places makes it even better. 

After further examination of the art work inside I had an idea. I didn't want it to go to waste. And what's better than two projects out of one thing? So there will be a future post about a different project using the vintage print inside!

Check back next Tuesday for PT 2, where I'll share the first way I'm going to try to use my giant frame.


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Anonymous said...

Oooooh you big tease! Can't wait to see part two. Love the frame and the picture.

Lisa x

Melissa said...

lovely to find you!
i have just dragged a big old £2 frames picture home with mt to make another blackboard......oooohhhh what are you doing with the frame?????

melissa x

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