A Ladder, Three Ways

By: Ashleigh

The best things in life are under $5. That's my motto and I pretty much stick to it. Unless we're talking about boots. In that case the best things in life are over $139.99. But I digress.

I want to share with you the best $4 I've ever spent. Check out this baby. The beautiful aged wood tones and textures. A drop of paint here and there. Perfection.






I'd been looking for a ladder after seeing them around the web used for bookshelves and bedside tables and things. While treasure hunting with Sarah, we randomly stopped in this little flea market. We found our way back to a corner booth heaped with all sorts of old goodies, and in the back, at the bottom of the pile was my ladder!

I was a bit worried, I figured it would be way out of my budget. I waded towards it and grasped at a tiny tag dangling from one of the rungs. TEN DOLLARS! I could do that. Long story short- I asked the woman there how low she could go and she said she'd give it to me for $4. I die.

I'd love to use it as a book shelf and a place to put my magazines, like so:


And then, inspired by Donna over at Funky Junk, I thought I'd try turning it into a more personal display with a little twine wrapped around the rungs. I'd love to do this all the way down. I think it would make a great conversation piece.




But, alas, I live in a tiny apartment. So for now, it lives in my little corner next to my vanity where it holds a few pairs of my shoes and some necklaces.




That vanity, by the way, was one of my very first furniture painting experiences. And I got it for free from my grandma's neighbor! I'll have to post about it some time.

I hope you all enjoyed my thrifty little ladder as much as I do every day!



PS: I'll be linking this post up to Donna's "Copy Me" Challenge, Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays over at Coastal Charm and Good Life Wednesdays @ The Beach Cottage !


Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Stopping by from Coastal Charm. LOVE the ladder. Great photos and great use. I ended up using a similar find as a pot rack ~

Honey at 2805 said...

Great ladder. Wish I could find one.

Honey at 2805 said...

I'm your new follower!

KSaylor1 said...

I love the texture of that ladder, it's amazing. The bookshelf idea is very innovative and I think it looks very clean and ornate. Good work on the photography as well! Hope to see more posts soon!

Anonymous said...

I love your ladder, and the twine around the rungs would look great on all the rungs. Donna would be proud. Loved the 1st comment about boots. So true!

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

How lucky! I adore your ladder, it's so cool, great way of displaying all your goodies! Marcia

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Fabulous ladder - I'm so jealous, what a great find.

I'm dropping by from BC Good Life Wednesday and am a new follower of your wonderful blog.

Would love for you to come visit me sometime :O)

Anonymous said...

i'm stealing your ladder.

Anonymous said...

The twine was a great addition. Looks great!

I totally agree with your philosophy about the best things being under $5, and I agree with your boot exception!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh wow! That twine idea is WILD. I really really like that! But know what? I like how you have it now even more. Stunning! And how wise to put shoes on the rungs! Coolest most productive idea ever. :)

Nicely done!

Lu'Fonte said...

WOAH MY GOSH! Look at yo laddah girl! dayummm I want me a ladder like that! When can I buy me some uh dis stuff?

Anonymous said...

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