Meet Ashleigh

Hello readers! Since this is the beginning of a new creative endeavour for Ashleigh and I, we wanted to take a moment to introduce each other to you.

Meet Ashleigh.

We have been confused as sisters, but we won’t admit to sharing this thought at all. Here is her beautiful face that I miss so much even as I write this!!


She was born and raised in the small town of Canton, Ohio famous to...what again Ashleigh? All I remember is that her basketball team once played Lebron James’! Always having a paintbrush or creative thought in mind as a child, it’s no surprise she focused on art in high school (she even was Canton South’s very own Prom Queen!) and continued to pursue art through majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design at CCAD. Ashleigh is a very thought provoking writer as well, so she also decided to minor in Copywriting.

If you can’t find Ashleigh browsing blogs or finding the greatest reviews on a pair of knee high leather boots, you may find her at her new internship at a graphic design company in Columbus. Still no luck, try our apartment where she's repurposing an old wooden chair, while
tending to our new kitty, Liam and his clingy demeanor.


We share a love for design, but also a one of kind, Caramel Frappe from the Micky D’s down the road. The two of us continuously are finding an overlap in our tastes and personalities, but I admire Ashleigh’s gift of finding humor in anything we do. I’m sure in the future of blog posts, this will surely shine through.

While Ashleigh may lean on the more business/tech side of Sincerely, she also is very drawn to giving old pieces of furniture new life. You won’t believe what she’s already done! Look out for a lot of her new finds in posts to come!

Ashleigh and I met our freshman year at CCAD bonding over similar tastes in music, constantly blaring our new favorites down the hall. We continued to be roommates all the way until now, so you can imagine how much black mail we have on each other ;) I might be able to slip some secrets out every now and then..shh!


My dear friend is quite the gem, but don’t just take my word for it. I can’t wait for you to get to know her flawless taste and a peek into how she sees the world.



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