About Sarah

 By: Ashleigh

Sarah is 20 years old. This is a recent picture of her.


She's from Michigan, but I let it slide. (I'm an Ohioan.)

Midland, Michigan to be exact. If you ask her where that's at she'll hold up her hand and point to the middle of her palm. Don't ask me why. It's some weird thing Michigan people do ;)

She loves coffee, tea and fine cheeses. She's the kind of girl who, on a whim, would cut off all her hair. (See pictures for details.)

Her fashion sense is impeccable and she routinely looks like she stepped out of an Anthro catalogue.


Sarah is creative, eclectic, and interesting. She has a wonderful duality about her. One minute she is writing a serious business e-mail. The next she is jamming' out to Taylor Swift on the way to McDonald's for our favorite Caramel Frappes. (Sorry Sarah, your secret is out.)


Sarah is majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design with a minor in Copywriting. I would definitely say she leans toward the design side which is lucky for me that I had her to design our logo and brand image!

She also does incredible fine art. Her paintings, drawings and sculptures are wonderful. I can't wait for her to share some of them with you.

Besides being all of these great things she is also one of my very best friends. I can't imagine life without her. We've pulled many an all nighter and had our share of road trips (12 hours in one day!). The following picture taken freshman year pretty much sums up our relationship:


Sarah is hip and trendy and I'm sure you'll be as inspired by her as I am!




Vicki V @ blestnest.blogspot.com said...

Hi Sarah! I lived in Midland for 5 years and met my husband there. We worked at That Corporation in town. I would love to go back. I'm sure it has changed a lot. When I was there last, you weren't even born! Ha ha.

Sincerely said...

Oh wow! really?? That Corporation meaning Dow? My mom works there! It was a great town to grow up in...I'm not sure how much has really changed since you were there though! :)

Sincerely said...

oh and my parents met in Midland too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!
I just found your blog and am thrilled to meet others from Columbus, OH. I am impressed with your backgrounds and can see why a blog would be perfect to showcase your talents. I have little skills, but would love for you to check my blog out:

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