Surround yourself with beauty.

1. Take a lazy day tubing.
2. Watch a play in the park.
3. Buy flowers at the farmer's market.

Lately, I've been lucky enough to have some time to explore the town Ashleigh and I live in. During the school year, I really only spend time on campus, but being in the city during the summer has been turning out to be a lot more pleasant than I expected! I made a checklist a couple weeks ago, which has been forcing me to do new things and see more of the place that I live. 

I labeled this post about beauty because that is what I am surrounded by right now as I am writing to you! My boyfriend interns at the Columbus Art Museum, and so he brought these beauties home to me a couple nights ago from a wedding that took place there :)



The print below I found at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. I'm obsessed with it. 
Do you see a butterfly or two birds? 


The farmer's market that I mentioned earlier is in charming, downtown Worthington. I definitely hope to go back there more often! Near the market, there is such a cool place called the Igloo Letterpress where I picked up the postcards below. 



Remember this chair


Look at her now! Ashleigh and I sanded away all of the bugs, re-stained and reupholstered, so now it looks brand new! I picked up the chair for $5 and found this fabric at a thrift store for maybe two or three bucks!


I've also been meaning to ask advice about this piece! 
I found this coatrack about a year ago and have been meaning to repaint it! Finally I decided on a bright orange color! After sanding and priming the base, Ashleigh and I finally got started....and 4 coats later it was done! Well almost, I think it could actually use one more coat! Since it took, so long I put it back together and back in its place. What do you guys think? Should I paint the rest of it orange or possible just a few more sections? 




Decided to throw in one more photo of the millions of flowers in my room right now! Sorry our posts have been so spread out. We've been so busy this summer. Keep posted for the redesign of our blog though! Currently I'm sketching up a new logo and Ashleigh and I are off to a photo-shoot this weekend for our new header! ...We'll let you know how it goes!





How not to make Oreo filled cookies

My roommate, Isuri and I had been hearing a lot of talk about chocolate chip cookies filled with Oreo's. That's right, filled with Oreo's. How delicious does that sound? Have you ever made these??

So we set off, following this recipe. In a similar direction, maybe we could have tried this one!




We got a little carried away, so the video below took place. 

...About ten minutes later, we took the cookies out of the oven only to find out we did something wrong! Perhaps they didn't turn out as planned because we didn't sift the flour and/or added too many ingredients? We won't know until we try them again! Oh well, you don't become a master chef overnight!

Let us know how your results turn out!



Count the Days: July edition

Sorry for the delay of this month's calendar, but without further ado.. here it is! Free to download here.

Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 11.24.24 PM

We'd love for you to mark it up with all of your summery plans! I designed it especially for you! Thanks for following and happy July! (Did you know it's the national month of ice cream??)



Flea Market Finds Pt. 1

Hey everyone! It's been a while! We've been busy and I think both Sarah and I were completely unplugged this weekend. It was nice but I definitely am looking forward to getting caught up with everyone's posts!

Anyway, as I alluded to in this post, Sarah and I headed to a flea market a couple weekends ago so we were able to cross that off our to-do list. We found so many great things that I think we may become regulars! So in this post we're going to share Sarah's finds. Come back tomorrow to see what I came home with!

First up, we have this little chair that we walked away with for a few dollars. It's solid wood and in good shape. It's already begun it's transformation and we'll be sharing that later this week.


Sarah found these old cans for cheap and loved the colors and old typography.


As you can tell Sarah loves old posters and advertising and bought this old theater poster/hand out thing for a few bucks.


A Picasso print for $5.


An old purse for $2. It's marked Fendi. We have no idea if it's real, but it's pretty neat either way. I scored some great stuff from the same lady that I know you'll all be jealous over :)


Lastly, Sarah's been wanting an old glove form so we stopped by the local antique shop that we knew had some so she could pick one up.


I hope you enjoyed our first round of flea market finds! Make sure to stop back tomorrow to see everything else we got :)

Ashleigh & Sarah

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