Sincerely's 100

 This is our 100th post! I can't believe it! Time has flown. In honor of our 100th post, Sarah and I decided to make a list of 100 things we'd like accomplish before we graduate. We've purposefully left out 91-100 so that we could get suggestions from friends, family, bloggers, etc. We'll move this list to a static page and link to the posts of the things we've accomplished so far.

So, without further delay...

Sincerely's 100

1. sew a pillow cover
2. turn a twin bed into a couch
3. go on a picnic
4. make a giant calendar
5. learn to knit
6. go to the art museum
7. make a bubble chandelier
8. make a skirt
9. make a ruffled shower curtain
10. embellish ikea curtains
11. design business cards
12. take audrey's senior pictures
13. learn how to cane a chair
14. make a scarf
15. make over my desk
16. make cosmetic bags
17. paint sarah's coat rack
18. make ashleigh a comforter
19. make sarah a comforter
20. tie dye anything
21. make fringe scarf
22. make anything having to do with patchwork
23. do a fabric installation
24. make lap top cases
25. make tote bags
26. learn how to sew a zipper
27. make head bands
28. keep a house plant alive
29. bake fancy cookies
30. make upcycled planters
31. make wall art
32. fix sarah's tom's
33. make a lace necklace 
34. learn a new hairstyle
35. rental friendly cabinet makeover
36. embellish plain shirts
37. find a chair for sarah's bedroom
38. makeover sarah's little stool
39. bleach jeans
40. making harry potter clothes :)
41. got to ikea
42. go to a flea market
43. go to a concert
44. design more calendars
45. use nail head trim
46. design a friend's blog
47. redesign our blog
48. have a table at the art sale
49. open our etsy store
50. knit a scarf
51. knit a hat
52. stencil something
53. build something from scratch
54. sew a box cusion
55. make a moroccan pouf
56. make a fancy cake
57. make handmade gifts
58. go to the columbus zoo
59. sew something with pockets
60. tuft something
61. find free entertainment
62. fine the perfect slowcooker recipe
63. go for a really long bikeride
64. walk in the park
65. make a drum shade hanging light
66. hide the cat litter box
67. throw a small party
68. build a custom coffee table
69. read a book we've never heard of
70. watch a movie we've never heard of
71. make coasters
72. make a headboard
73. find a kitchen table!
74. buy a sewing machine
75. write a letter to someone
76. paint fabric
77. feature a fellow artist on the blog
78. get all matching hangers in ashleigh's closet
79. get pedicures
80. make our own icecream
81. visit a friend in tennessee 
82. go to cedar point
83. go to the fair
84. find sarah a bedside table
85. try a new kind of cheese
86. make a gift for someone for no reason
87. figure out the secret to cane's toast
88. get artwork from friends
89. volunteer somewhere
 90. graduate from college


Shannon@vintagerestyled said...

You will be some busy ladies! I hope you accomplish all!

Red, Blonde and Burlap said...

love the list! Now we can all help and encourage you to finish the list!!

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