DIY Project List: 2

Today I'm bringing you round 2 of totally cheap and totally do-able DIY projects. 

If you missed the first edition, you can find it here.

Industrial Chic Shelving

Ana White has done it again. Exposed metal? Check. Raw wood? Check. Cheap and easy? Check and check. These shelves are gorgeous, casual and a great way to display pretty much anything.

Click here for full instructions.
Approximate cost: $20

Perfect Cut Off Shorts

With summer approaching this tutorial is well timed. It comes from the lovely girls over at Red, Blonde and Burlap. I know I can't be the only one who has ruined a pair of pants by chopping away with them at scissors. Follow this easy tutorial and you'll never butcher a pair of jeans again... or worse-- have one leg longer than the other.

Click here for full tutorial.
Approximate cost: Free!

5 Minute Pillow Cover

Throw pillows are great, not just for looks, but for sisters who come to visit you that sleep on your couch and you don't want to give them your pillow... Just kidding! I have lots of regular pillows too haha. I digress. This is a simple tutorial to make covers for your pillows. I don't sew and I think even I could do this. It's an easy way to use fun fabrics or even upcycle. Use goodwill fabrics or an old sweater to drive the cost of this already cheap project even lower.

Click here for full tutorial.
Approximate Cost: $10
(Free if you reuse things you already have.)

So there you have it! Is there anything special you'd like to see? Or do you have projects that would make great additions to my DIY lists? Email sincerelyco @ gmail . com with your ideas and suggestions!


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Red, Blonde and Burlap said...

Thanks for the feature, you girls are seriously the sweetest ever! I'm on my way to follow you on Pinterest... just blog stalking wasn't enough for me so I'm glad I have another option now. ;)

Erin said...

I'm so glad you guys included the 5-minute pillow cover! That has totally changed my life with not having to mess with buttons or zippers. :)

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