The Little Things

This week has been a little light on blogging content, especially on my end, because it's SPRING BREAK!

I've been enjoying getting a lot of projects done, relaxing, spending time with my family and friends and being off of this computer!

Coming up I'll have a lot to share including a giant coffee table makeover, my favorite end table to date, some antique frames and a project including beadboard wall paper. 

But today it's my last day at home for a while, so I'm going to shut off the computer and spend it with my family.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!


PS: My cat Liam went missing and still hasn't turned up. Send some good vibes this way for his safe return?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh poor Liam, I hope he shows up soon. I hate in when pets go walk about.


Just this... Alice said...

Oh dear, poor kitty must be on the lookout for a lady friend unless he was neutered. We had one gone for 2 weeks before returning. We didn't think he was old enough yet. Haha on us. Glad you have some extra time with your family and hope you have a great time with them.

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