Pantry Makeover

I figured since I'm home for break I'd share a pantry makeover I did for my mom a while back.

Our pantry is one of the most visited spots in our home. No joke. Almost every time you walk by you open the doors to see what's inside. It's like a reflex. We even stand inside to scare the next person to open the doors... and it works every time.

I told my mom I would be blogging about it and she was so embarrassed of the before picture that she told me I had to say it was someone elses pantry. So, here is someone elses pantry.


As you can see it's horribly unorganized and the shelves are sagging. It was only a matter of time before one of these gave out.


My dad reinforced the shelves and I got to work priming and painting them.


Something had spilled on this shelf and it took a million coats of primer to cover it up.


Here was my lovely work area. I was working on a few projects at once so it was a little messy :)


We painted the inside of the pantry a pretty coral. We wanted something that would be a little bit of a surprise when you opened the pantry doors. And it was a small space so it was a good place to experiment with color.


When we were putting in the shelves we ran into a little problem. My dad must have messed up the measurements just a little (which is rare) so they didn't fit.


But, no problem. My dad just trimmed them down and they fit perfectly.

We let the paint dry for as long as we could stand, a few days. Then it was time to organize.


We went through all of the food and found some that was expired and even more to donate. Then we used some bins from Home Depot to help keep like items together.


It's not the cutest pantry I've seen but it's functional for our family and I'm proud to report a couple months later that it's still looking pretty good!

Make sure you stop back this week. We've got some exciting things going on here! Sarah is working on an incredible calendar for April that will be available for high quality download. And I'm working on a cute way to display it!
Happy Monday!



Gina said...

what an awesomely huge pantry! I'm so jealous! And great job reorganizing!!

Terri Lynn said...

Looks very nice...I need to do something like that. My pantry looks worse than your 'before' picture...scary, I know! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Your mum must be loving it. And it's stayed like that for a couple of months - impressive! Let your mum know mine rarely stays organized for a week.

Lisa x

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