unwrap and bundle

Like Ashleigh's last post, this sculpture is all kinds of repetition. For a sculpture class, I designed and created this synthetic piece to embody the idea of communication and human interaction.

We all constantly fail to think about so many temporary items. Take straws for example; how many times do you take for granted that small piece of plastic poking out of your lid? It comes and goes so quickly after you're done using it. Especially walking down the streets, I've really started to notice the amount of small wrappers and straws shriveled up on the sides of the sidewalk.

They were such an easy object to find in bulk. Thank you Gordon Food Service. What about how many people you pass everyday on the street? Think about their past. You'll never know. Walking past people is so temporary. Cities are made up of people who possess these temporary points in time.

By bundling them together, the light is able to pass through. The light representing conversations, moments in time, the opacity of human communication.





I took the straw with its beautiful shade of white, cut it, grouped it up into a bundle, glued it together and boarded it up with 4 pieces of wood.

It makes a skyline of sorts. Don't you think?

The communication of light, ideas, beauty.
I hope it inspires.



Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job of expressing those things. And it looks cool too.

Lisa xx

Jen M said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Following you back!
Jen @ My Secret Home

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