A Prototype Scarf

A couple weeks ago Sarah and I decided to try to revive our middle school sewing skills. It was a scary prospect but we borrowed a friends sewing machine and dove in head first.

Disclaimer: Fashion majors and people who actually know how to sew, look away. We have no idea what we're doing :)

We decided the easiest thing to try was a scarf. So we got started...

and 45 minutes later we had the machine threaded!


Sarah had a bunch of fabric remnants so we picked a few colors we liked, laid them out and cut them to approximately the same width.

This is me after sewing the first time since middle school!

We sewed all three pieces together to practice our straight lines ahah.

Then we pinned it and essentially turned it into a giant tube. We wanted it to be big and voluminous so it was pretty large.

Then we sewed it together so it was a giant circle. Here's Sarah rockin' the finished product.

We've got many more ideas! And with more practice we're starting to get the hang of the whole sewing thing. Maybe next time we'll actually look up some instructions or something :)



sam4ever said...

thanks for the idea. i would like this as a shawl

Red, Blonde and Burlap said...

I love this! I'm so into color blocking right now and this turned out gorgeous! Congrats on actually getting the machine threaded, it's seriously the hardest part about sewing! :) Kathy!

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