How not to make Oreo filled cookies

My roommate, Isuri and I had been hearing a lot of talk about chocolate chip cookies filled with Oreo's. That's right, filled with Oreo's. How delicious does that sound? Have you ever made these??

So we set off, following this recipe. In a similar direction, maybe we could have tried this one!




We got a little carried away, so the video below took place. 

...About ten minutes later, we took the cookies out of the oven only to find out we did something wrong! Perhaps they didn't turn out as planned because we didn't sift the flour and/or added too many ingredients? We won't know until we try them again! Oh well, you don't become a master chef overnight!

Let us know how your results turn out!



Lindsay Schell said...

you know i have to post a comment on this. i wonder how these didn't turn out?..... did you forget flour?

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