Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year!
Being in Manhattan, the Chinese New Year is a much bigger deal than I had ever heard of in Columbus. I hadn't even realized when it was until I heard about everyone flocking to Chinatown to see the parades and celebrate. The subways were crowded as usual, yet when I went for a client party, it wasn't what I expected it to be. I think you had to be in the right place at the right time. Although I did taste some fabulous chinese dumplings and see some very cute chinese children running around hanging paper lanterns along the streets!

So in the spirit of the new year of the rabbit, I found many sources of inspiration for you..

This letterpress and silk screened calendar was found on http://ohsobeautifulpaper.com..note the beautiful winter colors used and simply outlined graphics


Next up... look at this creatively designed wine label! Found on http://www.thedieline.com, Designed by StudioIN, they combined a simple type treatment with bold pink colors to successfully create a wine label representing the new zodiac year!


Also found on http://www.thedieline.com, I admire the design of this uniquely designed wine packaging. Check out how they use the rabbit graphic on the label instead of the previously shown rendered version of the animal. The intense color palette and rectangular shape helps this brand stand out from all the others on the shelf!
One more pick from http://www.thedieline.com... designed by brainCELLS, this package is reminiscent of stories I read from my childhood and intriquely drawn scenes from the likes of Alice and Wonderland and Peter Rabbit. I enjoy the color green they chose next to the dark brown of the beer bottle.


Another bright packaging inspiration for you! This design was found on http://lovelypackage.com, a great website to walk around in. Similar to thedieline, they showcase many beautifully designed works to keep you interested and eager to see more..I like the typography in this one with an addition of a limited amount of illustration.


This calendar is completely worth your while to check out! Its beautiful illustrations are eye catching and the powerful colors add to that effect as well. I found it on the portfolio site, http://www.behance.net. The 2011 year of the rabbit was definitely taken to heart here and the diverse amount of applications are incredible!


Lastly, I'd like to leave you with this illustration I found on http://www.flickr.com, designed by monkeyworks illustration. How adorable :) The different line widths and use of white and black charcoal/graphite on the textured background leave a beautiful and happy impression.


Happy Chinese New Year!!



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