An Ikea Wish List

I've already professed my new found love of Ikea here. I. Just. Can't. Get. Enough.

I'm moving into my very first big girl apartment in June. (Read: My first apartment with no roommates.) I'm nervous, excited, and a little bit sad. But I'll still be super close to all my friends, I just won't have their dishes in my sink!

I'm going to need a few things for the new place...like say.. a couch haha. So, naturally, I turn to Ikea for affordable yet stylish furnishings.  I've been thinking about this for a while so I've already got my wishlist planned out. There are some things I need (like a couch) and some things I want (a giant mirror) and I'm going to share them all with you today!

I'm partially doing this to share with Sarah since she's far away in NYC and I need her opinion. I'm also hoping this will help soften the blow for my mom when she goes to Ikea with me :)

First up. THE COUCH. I love the classic sofa shape. I'm leaning toward the tan. Something about it speaks to me. The dark gray is runner up. I'll have to wait until I see them in person

I've got my heart set on this rug. I love the navy and white and the pattern. I'll have hard wood floors so I definitely want a rug in my living room.

I know I don't NEED this mirror but it's so pretty! It's tall too, over 6 feet! I'd love to lean it up somewhere in my bedroom.

This chair probably won't happen. But I love it and it's called a wish list! I'm having a love affair with armless chairs and the wood legs are exactly what I'm looking for. Too bad it's almost as expensive as the couch :(

I love casual seating and think this would be cool to just toss on the floor. I also really like the added texture it would give to the room.

Last but not least, this throw. Again, another textural element. Doesn't it look so comfy?

There are some other little things that have caught my eye that might make their way into my giant blue bag :) And I'm planning on acquiring a sawhorse work table made from Ikea elements, but that will be a different post!

I hope you enjoyed all the Ikea loveliness. Am I missing any must haves? Please share your favorites!



Rene said...

I think that mirror is fabulous! An what a great price! I have my own little ikea wish list.

Anonymous said...

you can fulfill a LOT of your ikea wishes thru craigslist. and the sofas usually have slipcovers. : )

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